Plenary discussion: Translating sustainability principles into concrete policies

This plenary session will hear the views of three leading experts on what a European commitment to sustainability should mean for policies on the three conference themes – Climate and Energy, Biodiversity and the Circular Economy. The themes will be explored in greater depth in the afternoon breakout sessions.

Moderator: Rosa Lyon, Journalist, ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Vienna


Climate and Energy: What has Paris changed? Implementation and financing at the EU and national level

Ulriikka Aarnio, International Climate Policy Coordinator, Climate Action Network Europe

Biodiversity: Will Europe’s nature be more or less safe after the Fitness Check of the Nature Directives?

Andreas Beckmann, Managing Director of the WWF-International Danube-Carpathian Programme

Circular Economy: From incremental measures to an economic transition that respects planetary boundaries

Walter R. Stahel, Founder-Director of The Product-Life Institute


Explanation of breakout sessions

Location: Auditorium Date: September 26, 2016 Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Rosa Lyon Ulriikka Aarnio Walter R. Stahel Andreas Beckmann