Céline Charveriat

A gifted researcher and passionate advocate, Céline Charveriat has over 15 years’ worth of experience in influencing debates, policies and practices in the field of sustainable development and climate change.

Céline Charveriat began her career in Washington DC as a researcher at the Peterson Institute and the Inter-American Development Bank.

She worked for over 10 years with Oxfam International. She first represented the agency at the WTO and managed its Make Trade Fair campaign, including its landmark advocacy on agricultural export subsidies and domestic support. Her distinctive contribution in this field was highlighted by former Brazilian Foreign Affairs Minister Celso Amorim in his personal memoirs.

In 2011, she became Oxfam’s Director of Advocacy and Campaigns, based in Brussels, where focusing her high level representation duties on the issue of European climate change policy and COP21. Céline Charveriat was recently named by Euractiv as the 30th most influential person on EU’s Energy Union policy.

A French National, she was based in multiple countries, including in the United States, the UK, Switzerland, Australia and now Belgium, and has a rich experience of working together with civil society, governments and the private sector in Africa, Asia and Latin America on multiple issues such as trade, climate change to primary commodities and supply chains.

Under her leadership, Oxfam expanded its worldwide influencing network, most recently with the opening of a China-Africa platform in Addis Ababa. Oxfam also successfully reframed the terms of the debate on the issue of inequality, with its signature fact of “62 people owning as much as the poorest half of the world’s population”. Finally, Oxfam became the third most influential NGO in the area of climate change according to a 2015 poll of sustainability analysts (Globescan).
Céline Charveriat is currently the Chair of the Board of the Climate Action Network in Europe.

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