Elisabeth Freytag-Rigler

Present Position: Head of Unit for EU-affairs in the Austrian Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Management

Professional Experience Record:

09/1986 – 09/1988 Assistant Export Manager in an Austrian company producing crystal glass

since 09/1988 Austrian Ministry for Environment, Youth and Family

09/1988 – 08/1990 International Department

since 08/1990 Head of the Department for EU-Affairs

09/1993 – 02/1994 Environment Attaché, Austrian Mission to the EU – especially in charge of accession negotiations

07/1995 – 08/1996 maternity leave

09/1996 – 08/1997 PHARE long-term expert, Hungarian Ministry for Environment and Regional Development, Budapest

Since 09/1997 EU-coordination, preparations for and coordination of the Austrian EU-Presidencies 1998 and 2006 in the fields of environment and youth; EU-enlargement, integration of environment and sustainable development into other policies

Founding member and co-chair of the European Sustainable Development Network, ESDN

since 09/2014 Chairwoman of the Management board of the European Environment Agency

Publications: inter alia: Fischer/Freytag (Hg): Österreich und das Umweltrecht der Europäischen Union, Wien 1995 (Ueberreuther Verlag)

Hinterberger/Pirgmaier/Freytag/Schuster: Growth in Transition, Vienna 2012 (Earthscan)


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